“For some reason, music has a powerful way of captivating the hearts of all people. It romances our emotions to a place that cannot be defined. The mystery behind music drives and gives us passion to hone our craft so that we too, may take part in its mystery. So, where does this mysterious entity come from? How did this beautiful melody become an essential part of so many lives? I do believe it came from somewhere. I also believe that when God created music, it was intended to be used for HIS glory. And that is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. Yes, it’s for the love of music that gives one the drive to pursue artistry, but, with a heart sold out for Christ, it becomes something much more.”

– John Stearns

On his debut album, Love and Life, which John had the privilege of working on with producer Keith Everette Smith, he demonstrates his awareness of how powerfully and compellingly music can draw a person into a personal moment with God. As a worship leader at Saddleback Church for the past five years, John has made that his focus and has shown his unique ability to integrate his talent with humility and sincerity…no small feat for someone who lives and breathes  music and performing. But what makes that balance possible is John’s challenge to himself to remain in a  humble place, knowing it is only by God’s grace that he has been given the kind of musical success he has had up to this point.

Accompanied by his bold, captivating voice, John’s heart and passion are often mentioned by people who hear him and see him lead or perform. John has the ability to draw people into a place of honest worship. The founder of New Life Ministries and Women of Faith, Steve Arterburn agrees; “I love to hear John sing, but more than that, his character has inspired many at our New Life weekend events. He lives and breathes the message of transformation. He truly helped to lead our people to deeper levels of healing, and they could tell he was living out the message in front of them.” John has also had the privilege of singing background vocals for artists such as Mandisa, Ken Reynolds, Meredith Andrews, and David Pack.

Yes, John is a talented, skilled, and accomplished singer/songwriter and worship leader, but it is those things combined with his call from God to lead people into relationship with Christ that truly makes John a “distinguished musician.”