1 Month Post Surgery

 “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NLT

I realize its been a few weeks since I have updated those following my story. Upon that realization, it also occurred to me that today marks 1 month since my decompression, and what a month it has been.

I’ve wept, I’ve slept (a lot), I’ve rejoiced, I’ve had setbacks, I’ve had milestones… I’ve experienced too many emotions to name.

There have been moments where I have questioned this procedure and my ability to recover from it. I also set unrealistic expectations thinking that I would heal much faster than the expected 6 weeks, hoping that I would be the 1 person who could recover in record time. How couldn’t I? I’m as resilient as the next stubborn mule. But that wasn’t the case. Turns out, in spite of my pride, my recovery is very normal and appropriate (maybe a little quicker than expected). I could lament more about how crappy this recovery has been, but instead, I would like to focus on the amazing milestones I’ve reached since 30 days ago.


  • I’m now sleeping through most of the night
  • Pain spells are less frequent and painful
  • I’m walking on a regular basis without dizziness
  • I’ve had a few good laughs, and I’ve waited for pain to come and it hasn’t
  • I’ve cooked a couple of meals
  • I got a haircut, which exposed my scar a little more. I wear it with pride
  • No more tingling in my fingers, no more trouble swallowing
  • I can put my socks and shoes on by myself
  • My neck mobility has improved by 50 percent
  • The darkest days of recovery are behind me (PRAISE THE LORD)

I am so grateful for the countless support I have received from all of you. Recovery is a road that no one should ever walk alone; thank you for making that a tangible realization for me this go around.



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  1. Linda Sanchez-Suwaneh Reply

    Praising the Lord for the pain lessening John. Hoping soon You’ll get to a normal life.

  2. Dorae Falwell Reply

    Hi John wow ! Continued prayers for your amazing strength ! God is so good. He’s taking care of you. Sorry you are going through so much pain . So happy to hear about your milestones John. When we are weak He is so strong to help us . Continue on with one day at a time you’re doing so well. Love Dorae

    • Stearnzie Reply

      Thanks so much dorae! I appreciate all of your encouragement!!

  3. Dorae Falwell Reply

    Huggs ♡ You’re welcome ♡.

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