Cheap Music Gear @ Goodwill.

Last night I had a very vivid dream about finding some SWEET music gear at Goodwill. They were all keyboards: a Yamaha S90- $5.00, a Fender Rhodes- $3.50, and a Nord Stage 3- $10.00. Heck yes! I bought them all. Then I woke up, and was saddened that only in dream land could these prices be true… I didn’t think it meant anything, until a friend of mine pointed something out to me. This friend in no way claims to be able to interpret dreams, but I believe he has great insight about lessons we can learn from them. The perspective he gave was remarkable.

Obviously, anyone who knows anything about keyboards knows that you could never find these quality instruments at those ridiculous prices. Even the owners at one time knew the worth of them, because they made the investment. But, just like anything else, things lose their worth over time. If the keyboard sat in a garage for 10 years and was never played, how can it be valued? It’s no wonder it was given to charity. Or, maybe the opposite is true. Perhaps the owner played this instrument religiously and had a real gift for it, but no one in their life noticed their talent and they were never encouraged to follow hard after what God had given them. So they gave up, because the association with that instrument was failure. The passion and drive that once motivated the owner to purchase the tool, for some reason, had died.

Imagine that dusty keyboard sitting on a shelf in Goodwill, just waiting for someone to come along and see value in it. There is so much potential for good music just waiting to be created. But instead, it sits there collecting dust.

Well, maybe that is how some of our God-given gifts are treated. They are tucked behind boxes in a storehouse gathering dust because we haven’t seen value in them, and people in our life haven’t expressed their value to us. Not to mention that the enemy of our soul is telling us they are worthless and that they shouldn’t be used (a lie that is told so these things remain dormant). The greatest gift we can give to someone is our belief in them. What gifts of our own and around us are collecting dust? What did we give away to “Goodwill” because we don’t see its value or potential? What dead things in or around us need life? Most people don’t naturally see things in themselves––they have to be pointed out by others.

God gives us gifts for a reason. If we truly are committed to advancing God’s kingdom, we cannot look at the use of our gifts as optional. They were given to us for a divine purpose. Let’s walk in this!

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  1. Ken O Reply

    Nice dream. Hmmmm. Now I am dreaming of having all of those sounds and play action on a 10lb keyboard connected to my laptop, portability baby, I am becoming a old man.

    Things of worth in the eyes of the beholder. Whose lenses do we favor when we look at ourselves? One who believes in us or the alternative?