Feeding the beast…

Don’t re-invent the wheel. This is something I keep coming back to when I prepare music for the upcoming weekend. I think as artists, we are always wanting to try something new because we get bored with things that “work”. There’s little risk in things that “work”. As much as I hate the consumerism of church, I have to say that I am guilty of feeding that beast. I am not saying that being creative is a bad thing, however I am posing this question; what motivates my creativity? Is it to keep up with the status quo of what is considered “good” worship? Is it to write a ccli top 100 song? Or is it to offer my art back to the One who gave it to me in the first place? Like a child offering their finger painting to their adoring parents.

One of my greatest mentors, Charlotte Huntington said it best when I ask her how she came up with her set list for a weekend service; “baby (she’s in her 60’s she can say that to anyone she likes), I ask the Lord what He wants to hear.” I was hoping for some kind of formula, but what she said has always impacted me in a huge way. If our worship is for God alone, shouldn’t we be asking Him what He wants to hear? So simple and so profound. I don’t think God gave Charlotte his top 5 playlist every week, however I do believe that as she humbled herself, God saw the attitude of her heart and led her in the best direction possible.

Galatians 1:10 tells us that if we try to win the approval of man, then we are not a servant of Christ (John Stearns paraphrase). OUCH! How many of us fall into this every day? GUILTY! But as leaders, if we can remember this verse when the though decisions present themselves, we cannot lose. If we try to please everyone, we will just end up bitter and tired. But, if we focus on pleasing God with the gifts and skills He has entrusted to us, I believe we will be effective and filled with joy.

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  1. jackie Reply

    so true John… always.. may we please HIM! every day in every way…..humbled and grateful to be His child. and to have the amazing family of the church He gives… so many fingers of His love touching me…may I be His touch too…

  2. Kim Reply

    Glad to have you hear pumpin’ out God’s Pandora playlist!

  3. timmons Reply

    Dangit Charlotte…!
    thanks Stearns for passing this encouragement on today.