Good Reminder

I dont know why, but for some reason I committed to running a 5 mile race with my brother thanksgiving morning… Today was a 3.5 mile run and near the end of the run, I started to ask God to do an inventory on my heart.

He slowly started to reveal some things to me that needed to be confessed/repented. As I was praying, I tried making a covenant with God that I would never return to those things that are hurtful to myself, others and him. He gently reminded me that I wont be able to keep this covenant that I was hoping to make with Him. So thankful that the conversation didn’t end there. An image of the Cross flooded my mind- The perfect covenant that couldn’t be broken… I immediately started weeping and thanking Jesus for making this covenant so real to me in this moment. That nothing in heaven or on earth can ever separate me from the Love that is in Christ.

God- thanks for your faithfulness to convict us of our sin and your faithfulness in reminding us that its not by our power or works- but only through the grace of your son that we are justified.

Nothing like ending a hard run with a good cry 🙂