I get by with a little help from my friends.

My recent CD project “Love and Life” produced by Keith Everette Smith wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my good friends. Today I wanted to highlight two dudes who deserve a bit of praise; Tim Moore and Trever Hoehne. I knew what I wanted both the photos and the site to look like, but the way they captured that blew me away. When designing the site, Tim mentioned how easy it was because of the great photos that Trever produced. Tim was right and he did a great job of hi-lighting the color scheme of the photos and the CD cover (more on that designer later) in his design. During the photo shoot, Trever was super engaging and I could tell he wanted to try multiple things to get just the right shots. He put his whole heart into that session. Side note- we almost got eaten by a creature near the creek in Yorba Linda.

These guys are both fantastic artists and so great to work with. Check out their sites and hire them for your next project. You wont regret it.