James- one of my favs

Some of my best mates and I are going through the book of James together on Monday nights. Some great things were brought up in our time of reflection on James 1:1-18

– James is called a slave of God and of Christ- all slaves have a master and are without question obedient to their master. How can we get to a place in our faith that we are in such submission to Christ that we could call ourselves a slave to Him? My answer is- Time and Daily Submission in ALL things. Nothing is too big or too small to submit.
– Unlike man, God will never rebuke us when we ask for wisdom. He will never say “I told you so” or “silly kid”.
– God rewards our perseverance in resisting temptation. The more we resist the stronger our will TO resist becomes when temptation arises.
– God doesn’t or never will tempt us- He doesn’t waive things in front of our face to see if we will give in. It is our own sin nature. But again, God will provide a way out, we just have to look for it! This also brought up the question as to the difference between temptation and tests. Test’s are from God & temptation is rooted in the enemy and manifested in our weakness.
– All that is good comes from the Lord- Nothing is an accident- God loves to give good gifts to his children.
– An undivided heart should not expect to receive anything from God- OUCH. That one was hard to swallow. More studying needed for this one 🙂

Check out James 1:1-18 and let me know your thoughts!