Recovery – Update 1

It’s been about 30 hours since John’s surgery and he  is doing well. He had a CT scan last night and everything is looking good at this point!

Pain management is still a primary concern. Not much sleep through the night as he was working hard to normalize his breathing while dealing with all the pain.

This morning he was more alert and able to talk a little more easily than yesterday. His eyes were open and he was even making some slightly inappropriate jokes 🙂 Good signs all around.

He went in for a planned MRI an hour ago and is now finally getting some rest. The team hopes to be able to get him up on his feet this afternoon in an attempt to clear him to transfer out of the ICU and into another room at the hospital.

Room transfer would be a welcome next step so  we are hoping the next update will include that development.

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  1. Anita Hall Reply

    Big hugs John ❤️❤️❤️✌
    Continued prayers
    Thank you Alex for the updates

  2. Kathi Reply

    Great news! Will continue praying. Please give John a big hug from his crazy relatives in Minnesota. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jason Frew Reply

    Love ya brother! Blessed and thankful that it went well! Miss you like crazy. Get better soon!

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