Recovery – Update 2

36 hours post surgery. Here’s a speed round of updates:

New Digs!
John is out of the ICU and into his brain and spine recovery room. Score. We were hopeful that this would happen tonight.

On his feet!
He’s been able to stand up at the end of the bed a handful of times today.

Solid food!
Jello! Mashed Potatoes! Part of a cookie!

No news is good news.

He’s got plenty. He’s trying to convince his new nurse (bye, Sandy – hello, Vanessa) that he is a hip model.

He’s enjoying some pretty good ones right now.

5 Replies

  1. Rich Leist Reply

    Living the dream! Go Stearnzie!! So happy things are moving in the right direction. Thank you Alex for the updates!

  2. Dorae Reply

    Praise God that John is doing so well ! Giving God the glory, amen. Keep up the wonderful since of humor too John !

  3. Brit Reply

    Thanks so much for updating. Prayers and hugs Jonn.

  4. Anita Hall Reply

    Oh Alex ,
    you are really funny
    And John may not be a hip model, but he has been a great , kind and awesome role model!
    Keep up the good work John ❤️✌

  5. Chris maddox Reply

    Thankyou for your posts!!! This one actually made me laugh!! Thank you

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