Recovery – Update 3


That’s right folks. John has been absolutely crushing it and at about 2pm today (8/25) he got into the passenger seat of a car and headed to his apartment.

Over the past 24 hours he continued to progress as he spent a little more time on his feet, was sitting and eating at a table in his room, was much more alert and was communicating beautifully.

Recovery isn’t over by any means. It’s just beginning. That said, the goal was for him to get home at some point today. Totally pumped that it has happened (he was certainly ready).

And yes, the football gods were listening to John’s  pleas beacause Seattle doesn’t kickoff for another couple hours. Go Hawks.

This will likely be the last update for me (Alex). Happy to report that John will be able to provide his own updates from here on out!

Lets continue to support him as he ventures further down the road to recovery.

5 Replies

  1. Donna Bristol Reply

    Yay!!! Prayers will continue for his full recovery.

  2. Donna Bristol Reply

    Opps! I forgot to say Thank You Alex for the updates.

  3. Anita Hall Reply

    Best news today !!!!
    What a great accomplishment!!!!
    Well done John ❤️
    Keep up the good work ,
    and Alex , what a wonderful loyal friend you have been, keeping us updated on John’s progress!
    Thank you

  4. Deborah Fly Reply

    John you will continue to be in my prayers!!! Praise the Lord for all He has done and ALL He is going to do in and through you!!! 🙂

  5. Dorae Reply

    Amen Lord Jesus .So happy for John. Please continue to be there for him through out his recovery. You have made us to be strong and not weak. It shows here through John the strength he was given through You. God bless John and his family and wonderful friends.