Surgery Day Update 2

John is out of surgery and we just spoke with the surgeon and his team. I’ll keep this update brief.

Smooth and straightforward. These are the words used by the surgeon to describe the operation. They were able to accomplish exactly what they had prepared for. Very thankful for this report.

John is being transferred to the ICU (as planned). He is in pain (also expected) so once that is under control, we should be able to see him. We’ll plan on another update at that point.

Thanks for continued prayer.

5 Replies

  1. Linda Moore Reply

    Thank you Jesus, touch his body and relieve his pain!!

  2. Wendy Shields Reply

    Jesus please ease John’s pain. We are so grateful to you for guiding the surgeon’s mind and hands. Heal our brother quickly!

  3. Jackie Reply

    Praying John –

  4. Dorae Reply

    Amen Jesus thank you for the successful surgery.

  5. Jamie Parnell Reply

    So glad everything went well. Praying for this next time for you, as you recover and gain back your strength. Sending you lots of love, John!!

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