Surgery Day Update 3

John is awake and aware. Able to speak and charming the team even though he’s not totally back to being himself just yet.

He’s in a significant amount of pain, so he’s asked for prayer in that area specifically. Actually, when I asked if he wanted to communicate anything to you all, he SANG “pray for paiiiiiiiiiiiin” in a slightly muted but still Stearnzie sort of way.

There is a nurse, Sandy who is taking care of him currently. She has been guaranteed a song in the near future.

His team is also trying to balance his breathing and blood pressure so send some good thoughts towards those areas as well.

This is the beginning of what has been described as a relatively long and painful recovery process. He has been advised that he won’t be able to turn his neck on it’s own (or at least he should try not to for the foreseeable future).

He will be in the ICU at least until tomorrow, possibly longer. From there, the plan is for him move to a separate area of the hospital for a couple days until he’s cleared to go home and finish his recovery. He is not in a place to have lots of visitors at the moment, but we will let you know if that changes in the coming days.

This will likely be the last update of the day, but we’ll make sure to keep everyone informed should something come up.

Thank you again for your support.

12 Replies

  1. Judy Reply

    From this point forward…forever??? He won’t be able to turn his neck on his own? God knows but I’m praying. ❤️

  2. Chris maddox Reply

    Praying for his healing

  3. Anita Hall Reply

    Keep going John !
    The biggest first hurdle was taken, and with optimistic success, now just look at the future and draw strength from that ❤️
    We are all on your side keeping you in our prayers
    Love, Anita,Louisa,Gabi, John Hall

  4. Dorae Reply

    You got this John ! Prayers for your endurance through this time of pain. You know the end results will be amazing young man ! Love and prayers ♡

  5. Dorae Reply

    Also praying for comfort for your parents John. God is good !

  6. Jill Hopster Reply

    I’m with Judy above… my first thought was “he won’t be able to turn his head FOREVER?” Mama Mia! But our God is good and is control. Praying for continued peace, that the nurses and physicians can tolerate his singing to them (and don’t give him knock-out drugs), and that pain becomes tolerable.

  7. Jackie Reply

    God please walk beside John, help him know You are there -please Lord help this pain go amazingly to a minimum -help him in all these things we ask ..trusting You

  8. Cami Lienhard Reply

    Praying and thanking of you John!!! Praying they get your pain controlled!!! I will be checking in here and with Missi!!! Thank you, Jesus for a successful surgery!!! Much love, cami

  9. Tom and Tomoko Reply

    Praying for the ease of pain and quick recovery.

  10. Kristina Shaffer Reply

    John!!! Praying for you dear friend! Love you so much! ❤

  11. Barry & Anna Teats Reply

    Hopefully you are on a continuous flow pain pump. Don’t be afraid to use the bolus function if needed. Will heal faster if pain under control as body is less stressed.
    Praying for peace and uncomplicated recovery.

  12. Sheryl stearns (mom) Reply

    John will be able to move his neck in the future. It’s just for now because of the location of the surgery